College is a great time to explore what you believe and develop life-long friendships. Compass College ministry will help you grow, think, and prepare you for your future!
Get connected through:
  • Events (in-person & online)
  • Serve opportunities, 
  • At church (Sundays 11am in the park - 4943 Catoctin Dr)

Maximize your summer.

This summer, you can grow through this flexible training program, where you will embrace the disciplines of evangelism, disciple-making, and mission mobilization! Last summer, we had 1,800 students from 60 ministries in 10 countries join. This year, Global Project is FREE!! Below is the structure and commitment level.
  • 8-Week Program (June 2nd-July 21)
  • Flexible structure (online)
  • Discuss with other students from Compass, content from the summer book, study the Bible, be equipped for the Fall & life!
Each week: 
  • Read a few chapters in the highly influential book, Fuel and the Flame
  • Watch on your own time, two, 20-minute videos from amazing speakers during the week
  • Meet with your discussion group (Wednesday evenings) for 2 hrs to talk takeaways from the book & study a book of the Bible together 
If you let us know you are interested, your book will be paid for!
You can also pay for the format of book yourself if desired.

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